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14 Aug

As I wrote a few days ago, I will be back posting to this website regularly but until then, you can find me writing or at least posting material to my nutrition blog, Nutrisimple, and my strength blog, Strength Development Inc. You can also follow me via Facebook and Twitter.

I have also been asked to write for SICFIT so stay tuned for some upcoming material there as well. A lot has been happening which has kept me from this blog but in that time, I have experienced a whole lot of different and I am just itchin to write about it.

Stay tuned……………..


I’ll Be Back

9 Aug

I know that there a lot of you that have read my blog in the past and I would like to thank you for providing me an audience. I have a lot on my mind when it comes to the topic of fitness and strength/conditioning. I come from a school of hard knocks. One of being under the bar. I have amassed a bit of experience from this as well as from reading. I love to read on programming, movement, speed, etc. I love it.

The gym is growing and the services we offer is growing as well and because of this and the CrossFit games, I have been super busy and unable to post my thoughts to this blog. I am not done with it and hope that you will check back soon as I have much to write about but not much time to write. Soon, time will open up and I will commit that time to sitting down and catching up with all of you.

Thanks for the patience.

Ricky Frausto

Barbell Strength Training

5 Jun

The next session of barbell strength training is right around the corner but you can reserve your spot now. The 3:30 group will delve into Coach Rippetoe’s 3×5 beginner program while 7:30PM will try their hand at Wendler’s 5-3-1 program.

The class runs for 8 weeks with a total of 24 sessions. The classes themselves are on Tuesday’s, Thursday’s, and Saturday’s. The 3:30 group will have a time slot of 11AM on Saturday while the 7:30 group will have their Saturday class at 12PM.

This is the perfect opportunity to work on getting stronger. This is the one quality that is sub-optimal in most trainees starting out in CrossFit style programming. Increase strength and watch as all other performance qualities increase right along with it.

Improve strength and watch as your met-con experience improves tenfold. With this comes real results. Put in the work and make the commitment to creating a strength for yourself that you have never felt before. It is real.

Barbell Strength Training – 3:30 PM

Barbell Strength Training – 7:30 PM

Contact me at with any questions.

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

25 May

I just wanted to note some small changes to the upcoming small group strength training that I am making available to anyone that is interested in not only getting stronger but also learning how to back squat properly, press with leverage, and dead-lift properly. I have decided to split Basic Barbell I into both Rip’s 3×5 program and my modifications to Wendler’s 5/3/1 program. So the upcoming 8 week session will be Rip’s program at 3:30PM and my take on Wendler’s program at 7:30PM. This will be in contrast to the current session which is Wendler at 3:30PM and Rip at 7:30PM.

Hopefully, this will encourage athletes to try both programs to see which is better suited to their needs and since you are required to complete two sessions of Basic Barbell I before being admitted to Basic Barbell II, this is a great opportunity to change it up a little. Both are tremendous programs that will get the novice stronger. I have adapted Wendler’s program to include more exposure to the squat since we are dealing with the novice strength athlete. Other than that, the major differences between both programs is the rep scheme, the use of percentages, the inclusion of the power clean in Rip’s program but not using it in Wendler’s, and the inclusion of assistance work in Wendler’s but not using it in Rip’s.

As we move forward, I will rotate which time slot carries 5/3/1 and which one carries 3×5 that way everyone has a chance to do both programs. Another change will be in pricing structure because I feel that as you progress through the program, you should be rewarded by paying less and less. With that being said, you will learn how to train yourself and others. You will learn how to properly execute the movements as well as learn how to teach them at the basic level. How well you teach them remains on you.

Basic Barbell II will also cover two different strength training programs. Here, I will encourage someone to choose one and stick with it until it doesn’t work but it is not a requirement. You may just want to learn more about different ways of programming. I have yet to decide on which two I will use but at the top of my list are Kenn’s tier method, Rip’s Texas method, or DeFranco’s Westside for Skinny Bastards program. I may also revert back to Wendler’s 5/3/1 and it’s orginal way of application. In any sense, we move from daily/weekly progress in the novice to weekly and/or monthly progress in intermediate trainees.

Also, how many I allow into the groups will lessen as well. Right now I am allowing 8 persons into BBI but will only allow 6 into BBII and 4 into BBIII. Spots are at a premium so I encourage you to sign up as soon as registration opens up. Emails will be sent out when registration goes live.

The changed pricing structure is as follows:

Basic Barbell I – $200 (1 week Early Bird discount – $150)

Basic Barbell I (2) – $150 (1 week EBD – $100)

Basic Barbell II – $150 (1 week EBD – $100)

Basic Barbell II (2) – $125 (1 week EBD – $75)

Basic Barbell II (3rd time or more) – $100 (1 week EBD – $50)

Basic Barbell III (invitation only) – $100 (1 week EBD – $50)

Basic Barbell III (2nd time or more) – Free

If you look over to the right, I have the dates posted for upcoming groups. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

13 May

The Paleo Challenge…………….

I haven’t really had time to sit down and write something of substance on this blog. I have been meaning too though ever since I got back from regional competition at the beginning of May. I have just had to get right back into the swing of running an affiliate as well as finalizing our Paleo challenge, which was a super success by the way. If you haven’t already had the chance, you should make a quick jump over to my nutrition blog,, and check out the before and after photos. The proof is in the pudding. I don’t claim this to be my diet. Eating Primal has been around for, well, since the beginning of time. I have my own little twists on the whole subject and I lean heavily on Robb Wolf, Dr. Kurt Harris, a bit on the man himself, Dr. Loren Cordain, and a some small stuff from a number of other scholars and everyday people with experience.

We went for seven weeks. We had a Yahoo group for support, we required the submission of weekly food logs every week, we didn’t dismiss anyone on the merits of what they ate, and I was there for question answering all the way to the end. There were a few that dropped out but for the most part, every one stuck it out and saw a change and/or learned something new about themselves. I am strict when it comes to giving out information. I want my athletes to have straight. I don’t want to beat around the bush or make them feel all good about themselves if there isn’t something to feel good about. It takes work but it isn’t at all difficult to eat ancestrally for the remainder of a lifetime. I give them scenarios of a perfect situation and explain that there isn’t ever going to be a perfect situation. I then proceed to let them know that the closer you stick to perfect the more perfect results you will get. I also let them know that at least an 80% adherence will work wonders. In this day and age, if you just skip the processed carbohydrates and stick to real, whole foods, you will already be light years ahead of the majority of the population. Then start to increase fat consumption, both saturated and mono-unsaturated, and treat vegetables as medicine. Also keep your protein intake fairly high and voila, you are on your way to being supremely healthy. And you will look and perform really well too.

In any sense, we are having another challenge starting on June 1st and I urge anyone in the area to join in on the fun. I don’t care who you are. I just want people to know how to eat and be healthy. No mumbo jumbo about eating every three hours or stuff like that. Just real, honest eating from healthy sources. I am starting an eating revolution here in Omaha and I want all to be a part of it.


What I saw………………

Now back to what I originally wanted to talk about. The 2010 North Central CrossFit Games Regional Qualifier was a success, both for me and for everyone involved. At least in my eyes it was. I didn’t qualify, missing by only a few points but that is besides the point. I am not ashamed that I didn’t make the cut. It was a tight field and I missed by one spot. I held my own and even though this sport is gravitating toward being a larger guy’s sport, I will always have a shot to qualify. You know why? Strength for my size and TECHNIQUE…… especially in the Olympic lifts. I know my shit. I am not bragging in any sense of the word. It’s just that I know how to Olympic lift and I know how to teach people how to Olympic lift, correctly. As long as there is shoddy technique at the qualifying level, I will always have a chance. I only need to gain a few pounds (like maybe 10) and keep working on bringing up my weakness or better yet, my weaknesses in relationship to the guys qualifying and the workouts being written up. I did everything by the book leading up to this competition. My diet was elite. My training was elite (at least to the point that I needed it to be, as that is why you compete, to see where you lie and what you need to fix). I had an elite performance team of chiropractors and massage therapists helping me out with a nagging injury that miraculously healed enough to allow me to compete full tilt boogie.  No excuses. I gave it my all and my all this time around was 5th best in the North Central regional. The only uncertain things is that I don’t know how I would have fared at the games. It will always be what comes out of the hopper. That’s what is so great about the sport of CrossFit. You might not qualify for the next competition but you might be the best at the next level if the right mix of workouts comes out.

I always tell myself that this is the last year but once competition season rolls around, I fall in love all over again. You know, I am not one of those coaches who runs his affiliate like CrossFit is the end all, be all. I don’t get mad when people talk bad about CrossFit. I don’t get irritated when people refer to it as a cult. The reason is that CrossFit is not the end all, be all. There are so many ways to skin a cat that it is actually kind of crazy. Those that preach the gospel of CrossFit don’t understand it fully anyways. It is all about the right tool for the job. You want to get stronger, got get the right tool out of the toolbox. You want to become bigger, you gotta get out the right tool out of the toolbox. If the only tool you have in your toolbox is a CrossFit wrench, you are going to come across some really rough patches. I like Coach Mike Boyle. I don’t like everything he does but he has some really good shit and knows his shit too. There are a lot of guys out there that I respect and it’s their information that I go to when I find some chinks in my armor. Whether it’s mobility, flexibility, joint integrity, you name it. It’s the small stuff that counts. I love everything about human performance and improving it.

In the end, I am a die-hard CrossFitter and always will be. I think I may very well keep competing until I reach the Master’s level. Who knows. But the one thing I do know is that CrossFit will evolve and we as affiliate owners must evolve with it. We must realize that all CrossFit really is, is a methodology that gives us an opportunity to use all methodologies in our quest for supreme fitness. If you fail to realize this, you will get left in the dust. This is one of the reasons I placed 5th this year. I have dedicated myself to becoming an above average Olympic lifter, an average power-lifter (in the sense of absolute strength), and I’m small so calisthenics are a bit easier for me. Because of this, I have become an alright Crossfitter. It doesn’t work the other way around. You don’t become an above average Olympic lifter from doing CrossFit only. I saw it at the regional. Too many athletes struggled with power snatches at an intermediate weight, especially the second go round. There were guys 1.25 to almost 1.75 my size who only clean and jerked 15 to 30 pounds more than me. If I focus on clean and jerk for a bit only, I now I could get 300. The thing is, I don’t need to get 300 now. I need to keep bringing up that which kept me from qualifying.  That could have been as low as 280 or not resting for a few seconds more on one of the met-cons or practicing rowing a bit more. In any case, my point is, the right tool for the job. As long as others are trying to use a wrench to hammer in a nail, I will have a shot at qualifying. Just gotta keep my end of the deal.

Team tryouts the rest of this week. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

5 May


I will be working on curriculum for three different types of classes:

Basic Barbell I (Beginner)
This will be your basic beginner programming. It will cover dead-lift, bench press, press, squat, and power clean technique and programming. It will have room for evolving and soon these will not only be strength development training but also instruction on how to teach and program for the beginner. This group training is open to anyone committed to becoming stronger in the core strength lifts.

Basic Barbell II (Intermediate)
This will be more advanced programming. Once an athlete no longer sees daily progress or improvement, changes to programming must occur to accommodate continuation of disruption in bodily homeostasis. Rippetoe explains that at this point, an athlete will move to weekly progress instead of daily progress. We are no longer looking to improve every workout but improve every week. Adequate time is needed to both recover from the previous workout and to force adaption. This is no longer possible with basic programming. Accessory work becomes more of a factor in intermediate programming

An athlete must show signs of stalling in order to be considered for intermediate programming. Minimum of 2 times through, or 16 weeks, of basic programming is prerequisite. Advancement in barbell training knowledge/education continues.

Basic Barbell III (advanced)

This is the last and final phase of programming. It is the most advanced. In this phase, we start to cover monthly and even yearly programming. Progress is slow but steady. Change in stimulus must occur more often to avoid stagnation. We now look at programming for singular events, athletic seasons, etc. You will no longer see weekly progress. As a matter of fact, you are no longer looking for weekly progress. Your workouts are set up to use percentages of your training maxes to help elicit recovery from workout to workout and increase strength development at certain points of the year.

Advanced programming is by invitation only. A prerequisite of at least twice through intermediate programming only qualifies you for consideration.

Here are the tentative dates for future small group strength training:

Basic Barbell I
June 22nd thru August 14th
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays
Both 3:30PM and 7:30PM Classes (11AM and 12PM on Saturday)

Basic Barbell I
July 26th thru September 17th
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
Both 3:30PM and 7:30PM Classes (6:30PM on Fridays)

Basic Barbell I
August 24th thru Oct 16th
Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturdays
3:30PM (12PM on Saturdays)

Basic Barbell II
August 24th thru October 16th
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays
7:30PM (1PM on Saturdays)

Registration for the above classes will open 2 weeks prior to start date. The first week will always offer an early bird discount. The prices are as follows:
Basic Barbell I – $200 ($150 EBD)
Basic Barbell II – $150 ($100 EBD)
Basic Barbell III – $100 ($50 EBD)

Dates are subject to change without notice.

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

4 May

[UPDATE]: There are no spots left for the 7:30PM strength group training and only 3 spots left for the 3:30pm class. They are going quickly so if you are interested in signing up, please do so immediately or forever be regretful. Haha. Anyways, If these spots fill up, I will contemplate opening up a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday class of 8 starting about two or three weeks after these first two classes start if there is enough interest. The time slot would be 7:30PM on Tues/Thur and 11AM on Saturday.

Post thoughts to comments.

I just wanted to post this to my blog before it goes up on the CFO blog tonight. I am going to offer two small group strength classes to anyone who is interested. The price is very cost effective for what you are getting in return.

I am offering a chance for anyone that is interested in becoming better at CrossFit the chance to do so. What does this mean for you? It can mean any number of things. Are you looking to change the way you look? Are you looking to become a possible CrossFit competitor? Are you just wanting to be the best at your class time? What ever your goal is, I have the answer: Strength!!!!!!!!!

I am offering two classes, one at 3:30PM and one at 7:30PM. Each class has only 8 spots available. There is even a discount for those that sign up by the 15th.

The classes start on May 24th and run for 8 weeks (23 sessions), Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (Friday is at 6:30PM). These classes will be basic barbell, Rip style. Very basic programming that is intended to make you stronger. I have always believed that the true way to unlocking the nasty potency of CrossFit and it’s ability to deliver real results is to first become stronger. Conditioning-speed with heavy weights and long lines of action is a very important factor in seeing results. The ability to move very quickly with prescribed weights in CrossFit style workouts is where you will see the best results. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t at our genetic potential when it comes to strength. CrossFit alone will not allow you to reach your true strength potential. Once you bring it up though, you will be a completely different person.

I have created event pages and the ability to register online. The registration for both classes will close upon the registration of 8 people for each time slot. There will be no met-con during this class. Only strength development in it’s most basic form.

Feed me your goals and I will help you achieve them. You do not have to be a part of CrossFit Omaha to take part in these small group sessions.


If you are interested please do not hesitate to sign up as the spots will go quickly. If anything, 50 dollars off on or before the 15th sounds mighty enticing. The next offering will not be available until August. Don’t be left out. This is for real.

Basic Barbell Group Training – 3:30PM (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Basic Barbell Group Training – 7:30PM (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Be on the lookout for other programs I would like to personally offer such as Olympic lifting instruction, running programs (not distance running), and CrossFit games prep (I saw so many people this weekend that could be so much better at competing with the right coach, I can offer that).

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

23 Apr

It was good to do only one workout time today. We got it out of the way early and the rest of the day was just work and coming home. I only got up to 376 for the 3RM dead-lift in the 8 minutes which isn’t very good but not bad. It’s too close to competition to f something up so I held back a little and just went with fairly heavy and not all out. As for the met-con, I finished 9 rounds, 5 thrusters, and 1 burpee. I was shooting for 10 full with hopefully a thruster or two but it just didn’t quite work out that way. I felt good, I pushed hard, and I maybe still had a bit in the tank so I am right where I want to be. Just got to refine the last bit. I am getting more excited and more nervous. It’s gonna be fun.

Saturday’s Workouts (100424)
Individual’s will do CFO workout at any class time.

Team Workouts
WOD #1 @ 8AM
For time:
50 Snatches @ 154#/104#
50 Muscle-ups
50 Snatches @ 154#/104#

Finish with 800 meter team run.

One girl and one guy begin the snatches, you can rotate as much as you’d like but there can only be two athletes snatching at one time (guy/gal). Once the first 50 snatches are completed, you get one pair of rings to complete the 50 muscle-ups. Rotate as you’d like. Go through 50 snatches once more before finishing with a team 800 meter run. When the last person crosses the finish line, time stops.

WOD #2 – 12:15PM
Will be released at the completion of WOD #1.

Master’s Workout
For time:
100 Double Unders
25 Kettle Bell Swings (1.5/1 pood)
50 Air Squats
5 Squat Clean Thrusters (90 to 95% of 1RM Push Press)
50 Air Squats
25 Kettle Bell Swings
100 Double Unders

Post time to comments.

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

22 Apr

Yesterday was a much needed day off. The good thing is that I don’t feel like I needed to take it off. I feel great and refreshed. My diet is really good right now. My fat intake is really high, my carb intake is really low (save for post-workout), and my protein intake is pretty good as well.My shoulders are feeling pretty good. It’s funny because the left one, which was the injured one, is now feeling great but the right one was then starting to bug but its not too bad. It sucks that I won’t be at top form with hspu’s if they show up but my mental toughness is pretty damn good so I am not worried.

Fight Gone Bad went really well. I wish I would have went a tad bit harder just to see exactly where my wall is but I didn’t break up anything on any of the three rounds, I was, except for a few pulls, able to get a cal a pull, and some other things like movement efficiency were very good too, so I was happy with that. A 300 score fgb is really not that hard. The thing for me was only getting to box jump 20 times unlike the 50 or so I can usually get and then having to do 20 cals on the rower when I am only able to attain about 13 to 15 during regular FGV. All in all it was a good training workout and I finished it in 13:29 (this includes the 2 minutes of rest b/w rounds as actual work time was 11:29) so not too bad. Understand that there is a difference between training and competition. There has to be a line there. You can’t go hard all the time. You just can’t. I don’t care how much the stimulus changes. If you are smart, you can train closer to 100% for a longer of period of time so long as you throw in down time, enough rest and recovery days, skill days, and solid rotation of the emphasis lifts. There are other things to consider as well but these are enough to consider.

In the morning, I didn’t get real heavy with the power snatches. I did about 165 for a double which is about 85% or so of my 1RM. For the box jumps, rear elevated single leg squats, I finished in about 14 minutes. This workout was never really about pushing the heart rate. I mean my heart rate went up a lot but it was a more tedious, grinding workout. My legs are sore from it too. It was a good change of pace.

Well, now we are down to a single workout a day, or should I say, a single workout time (not twice a day) as we will still hit a lift prior to conditioning. Today’s workout is a good one and I am excited to see where I fit in. It’ll be tough but is there any other way?

Friday’s Workouts (100423)

Dead-lift – 3RM – 8 minutes

Find your 3RM within an 8 minute time range. You may not bounce any lift. They must all be true dead-lifts. You must keep your hands on the bar at all times during an attempt.

As many rounds/reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
5 Thrusters (137#/93#)
10 Burpees (over DB’s like team tryouts)

Post dead-lift 3RM plus rounds/reps completed from conditioning to comments.

Master’s Workouts

Front Squat 1RM

Find your 1RM within a 12 minute time range.

10 rounds for time of (20 minute cut-off):
6 C2B Pull ups
9 Burpees
12 Box Jumps, 20 inch box

Post front squat weight and met-con time to comments.

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

20 Apr

Today marks our last multiple day workout (except for our affiliate cup team). We rest on Thursday and start our taper on Friday. We drop to one workout a day and four total left before we pull back completely to allow the adaptations to realize and the recovery to start kicking in. At this point, we can no longer really help ourselves but we can definitely do ourselves harm. It is a very fine line between keeping the edge and crossing the line into immune suppression and adrenal fatigue. We need to be fresh and ready to go by the weekend. Food is the most vital piece of the puzzle. It is of utmost importance that alcohol be removed completely from the diet and that all sugars, grain, and dairy be removed as well. It is all protein, fats and post workout. Post workout will be the only time that simple sugars may be the answer but figure that out now. You don’t want to be guessing on game day. It’s go time people. Get excited.

As for today’s workouts, the prowler pushing was fun, difficult, and annoying (the sound on the concrete) and the back squats went well. I was kind of disappointed in my DT time. I pr’d but I wanted more. This game is all about seconds. A second or two can mean the difference between qualifying and not. I finished in 7:58 but I have to get that down to 7:30, if not faster. I know exactly where I could have shaved off seconds. When I look back at my performance, I know exactly where I rested and where my strategy could have been better. I will say that my strategy did help me to finish where I did but it it can be tighter and more efficient. I’m getting close to my potential though. I push pressed 154 for all reps but like 8 reps. That’s 8 out of 30 reps. My emphasis as of late has been to try and push press overhead and not jerk. I know my jerk is strong but it dips into my gas tank a little more because it is a jump. The push presses dip into my strength reserves but it reserves my gas a bit and the strength comes back faster for me. I am excited for competition.

Wednesday’s Workouts (100421)
#1 – 7:10AM

Power Snatch
8×2 (build up to the heaviest weight on last set)

10-8-6-4-2 – 2-4-6-8-10 rep rounds for time:
45/30 pound DB Box Jumps, 20 inch box
45/30 pound DB RFE Single-Leg Squats (RFE = rear foot elevated)

The crease of your hip must pass below the top of your knee in order for the single leg squat to count. The reps breakdown as 5 each leg, 4 each leg, 3 each leg, and so on.

#2 – Any CFO Class

#3 – 7:35PM

Task Priority Fight Gone Bad
3 rounds for time of:
20 Wall Balls (20#/14#)
20 SDLHP (75#/55#)
20 Box Jumps, 20 inch box
20 Push Presses (75#/55#)
20 Calories on the Rower
Rest 1 minute

This is a 300 score FGB. Can you finish it faster than 15 minutes (17 with rest)?

Post snatch weight, leg met-con, and TP FGB time to comments.

Master’s Workouts
#1 – 7:10 AM

12×2 @ 55% of 1RM Push Press
Rest 60 seconds between sets.

Focus on speed. Super Fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More so coming out of the hole than when dropping into a squat.

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
12 Pull ups (no chest to bar)

One round is 12 unbroken reps. Take the rest you need between sets to try and maximize the number of rounds you can attain.

#2 – CFO Workout

#3 – 7:35PM

5 rounds for time of:
7 Dead-lifts 242#/164#
21 Double Unders

Post times to comments.